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IT Infrastructure provided by GrindDev

Server Management
Storage Solutions
Dedicated Solutions

We are managing over 100 server instances

Support for All Major Systems: Windows and Linux distributions.
Versatile Server Solutions: VDS, VPS, Dedicated Servers.
Customized Server Projects: Tailored solutions considering the type, specifications, quantities, and locations of servers to perfectly fit your company's requirements.
Regular Backups: Ensuring your data's safety and your business continuity with comprehensive backup solutions.
Continuous Monitoring: Keeping a vigilant eye on your servers' performance and security around the clock.

Enterprise-Ready Full Monitoring Solution

Network Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your network's health, performance, and reliability to ensure seamless connectivity.
Server Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of server performance to detect and address issues promptly.
Cloud Monitoring: Oversight of cloud resources to optimize performance and cost-efficiency.
Application and Service Monitoring: Ensure your applications and services are running at peak performance with immediate problem detection.
Security and Privacy: Rigorous security measures to protect the privacy and integrity of your collected data.
Unlock Success with Data!

Introducing Our Database Support Services:


Database Architecture Design - We craft a unified database architecture that aligns seamlessly with your business operations and objectives, ensuring a solid foundation for your data needs.


Performance Tuning - Our experts optimize your system resources for peak efficiency, ensuring swift and reliable database performance.


Patch Management - We keep your database system up-to-date, addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing performance through timely patching.


Security Management - Implementing robust processes and protocols, we safeguard your database from potential threats, ensuring your data's integrity and confidentiality.


Upgradation and Migration - Whether it's upgrading to the latest database versions or migrating to cloud-based solutions, we minimize downtime and technical glitches, streamlining your transition to more advanced and efficient platforms.


Backup and Recovery Management - Our comprehensive backup strategies and recovery solutions protect your organization against data loss, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.

Achieve Optimal Privacy & Security with Your OWN VPN

Enhanced Security: With fewer points of trust, your data remains safer and more secure.
Cost Efficiency: Enjoy lower costs and minimal limitations compared to standard VPN services.
Expert Management: Benefit from high-speed servers managed by experts for seamless performance.
Global Access: Connect through servers located in dozens of countries worldwide for unrestricted internet access.

Storage Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions: Leverage the flexibility and scalability of cloud storage tailored to your needs.
Versatile Storage Options: Choose from object storage, file storage, and block storage to meet your specific data management requirements.
Collaboration Ecosystem: Utilize a comprehensive suite of client and server applications designed for seamless file synchronization, sharing, and collaboration.
Content Delivery Network (CDN): Enhance your content's delivery speed and reliability across the globe with our robust CDN services.

Communication Solutions

Massive Email Campaigns & Newsletters: Launch impactful email marketing campaigns and newsletters designed to engage your audience and drive results.
Self-Hosted Communication Application: Gain control and flexibility with a self-hosted communication platform tailored to your organization's needs.
Email Server Management: Ensure reliable and efficient email delivery with our expert email server management services.
SMS Campaigns & Newsletters: Extend your reach with targeted SMS campaigns and newsletters, connecting with your audience directly on their mobile devices.

24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

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